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Pnpiihi)- Science MontliJij


���A sixtccn-\car-old boy was treated at ilie liosi)ital for paralysis of the face. When lie was one and a half years of age he suffered an attack of infantile paralysis which resulted in loss of control of the muscles of the right side of his face and of his right arm. For fourteen years, day and night, that boy's right eye was staring ojien. He could not close it. He could not use his right arm. His appearance was repellent. After six months of treatment he was able to close his eye and to wrinkle his forehead. The affected side of

lis face became normal.

Dr. Frauenthal treats infantile paralysis by means of electricity and massage. Whatever muscles are affected are also treated electrical-

y. A muscle which cannot be contracted by will, may be contracted by an electric current. In this way the muscles which do not respond to the patient's will are kept active and developed until thej- can be controlled by the mind. The treatments last but a few minutes at a time, so that the child's vitality is not exhausted. The current is so carefully regula- ted that the child docs not feel any pain.

Massage is given regularly. If a child's arm or leg is affected by infantile paralysis that limb is strangely cold. Massage will raise the temperature of the affected member

��A boy being treated for tubercular joints. He is wearing a plaster cast over the affected hip and knee

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����The operating room, showing the surgeons completing an operation on a diseased knee-joint, and a group of visiting surgeons watching. On another cot is a patient waiting under an anaesthetic

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