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��Popular Science Munthly

���Mayor Harry L. Suter playing the violin and the piano at the same time and making satisfactory music, at that


��The Mayor of Moscow, Ohio, Is the Town's One-Man Orchestra

N addition to directing the political destiny of Moscow, Ohio, Mayor Harr\- L. Suter is the town's one-man orchestra. He has devised an apparatus which makes it possible for him to pla>- the piano and \iolin siniullaiieoush-. It takes both of Ma\(tr Suter's hands, as well as his elbows, feet, and eyes to keep the two instruments ji;oing in the same musical time, but the results are worthy of his efforts, when one considers that he is an orclieslr.i all by himself.

When the two instruments are under the spell of the Mayor, the ri^ht hand pla\s the solo part while the bass part of the piano is operated by the left foot coming in contact with a series of pedals to those of an organ. The \iiilin bow is held on a small standard which moves along a groo\'e. A double \ise holds the violin, and the part through which Ma\-or Suter pa.sses his left ■inn cotUrols the \iolin, so that the proper siring will rest against the bow. llie bow is controlled l)\' the right fool, while tlu- lingers of the left h.irid press the strings. T elliiiu iipir.iU-s the "loud |)edal

��Air- Jet Supports a Football in Mid-Air

THE photograph below shows a fiKJlball sus- pended in mitl-air l)\' an air- jet ha\ing a \elocit\- of one hundred and twent\' miles an hour. Suspended below the football, and attached to it by light wires is a plate which by its pull offers still further resistance to the air current. This exhibition of the sup- porting power of an air-jet was given in Agricultural Hall, London, and the fan used was an ordinary centrif- ugal high-pressure blower with a si.\-inch diameter out- let at the extreme end of the nozzle.

The phenomenon is ex- plained in the following man- ner; The jet issuing from the nozzle spread out into a cone- shaped formation on being md the ball was held in the The high-pressure jet


center of this cone.

acting upon the surface of the ball, caused

a slight upward reaction which tended to

maintain the ball in the air.

It will be seen that the ball is in the center of the jet and not on the edge of it. This is in contradistinction to the theor\- that the object is suspended b\- cont.ict with the outer strata of air in the jet. The ball is held almost |>erfectl\' at rest in the air-current.

The ball is held suspended in the center of a cone-shaped air-current

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