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Plowing Snow with Your Automobile

Front and rear plows on casters which can be ad i listed to anv motor-vehicle chassis

���The front


�plow auto- matically

�CASTtR is>*'

�turns and

� �responds to


�the move-

� �ments of the

� �automobile

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��The rear plow can be contracted or expanded in order to make a narrower or a wider swath as desired

��M( iTOR-DRIVFX siunv-plows have iKConie a familiar sight in our largi' cities (Jiiring severe snowstorms. They can scoop u|) more snow than a whole army of horse-drawn x'ehicles, and in some cities, notably New York, they have revolutionized the problem of snow re- moval. For the most jiart these plows liave been atlachefl to giant motor-trucks. Now it is possible for any motor car, ironi the sinallcst lo the largi-st, to be e(|uippi'd with a plowing altachnu'iit (U'\ised b>' John A. Kecler, of New I'altz, New N'ork. His invention embodies front and rear plows conm-cled with the .iutom(>i)ile in such a way that they can be adjusted up .md <low'n, later.illy, ;ind in a tilting position,

ind the plow coiitr.u-ted or exp.indcd

to make a wirier or a narrower swMlh. Uoth plows are provided with caster-wheels, so

��tliat the\' will turn lo the right or left as the automobile is turned. To hold the front plow directly aheati, coil springs are Used. The sjirings are so arranged .ui<l are of such strength that the plow will be drawn up or down according to the elev.ition of the road.

To r.iise and lower the rear plow anil to spreail and close it, a windlass is provided. The plow is attached to the automobile frame, .is is the front plow; but it has the .iddilion.d support of a skeleton bracing. 'I'liis plow runs on three caster-whwls. Cables , It Lulled to it wind around the windl.iss. When the windla.s.s is operated in one direction, the plows arc spread, and when operated in the ojiposite direction, the\- are dr.iwn tow.ird each other. For the purpose of r.iising and lowering the plow indepi'iulent cables are used.


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