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This page needs to be proofread.

Here Are Some More Practical Ideas Desi^^ned to


��Above: Removing automobiles from box-cars with a movable platform which ordinarily re mains a part of the warehouse

��At left : Controling Ford lights by a reactance-coil with a variable gap in its magnetic circuit to rcculate the current

���Above: A two light bulb case in a steel cylindrical tube ishandy when locating trouble


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��Al 1 \. : A lubricating -bolt v. ilh .111 oil-soaked wick nu- tomaticnlly lubricates parts which slide over each oUicr

��At left : The speedy sidecar motorcycle fire apparatus, equipped with chemical ex tinguishers. lanterns, axes and other emergency tools is appearing in our more pro- gressive rural communities


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