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��opening cut in them. It consists merely of four circles cut oufas shown in Fig. 5. These may be drawn with an ordinary pair of compasses. The outside edges of

���Details and dimensions of a book- case and shelf for a small clock

these pieces have their upper corners rounded and the bottom part cut out to form a projection that gives it a pleasing appearance. These shapes are drawn as designated in Fig. 6. They are then fast- ened to the base with screws, Fig. 7.

The brackets are shaped as shown in Fig. 8. These are fastened to the underside of the base with screws, as are also the back uprights. It is best to give the sur- face of all joints a good coat of glue before turning in the screws. It is necessary to bore a hole before driving a screw in cabinet work. This may take a little time but it saves a great deal of trouble in the end.

The central division may also be used as a place for a small clock. — H. Adlon.

��Paper Clips with a Stick Used for Paper File

THERE is now on the market a simple spring steel clip that renders it a very simple matter to contrive a satisfactory file for newspapers, blueprints or drav/ings. Three clips are necessary, and these are at-

��tached at the center and at each end of a slender stick of the required length. The latter should preferably be of oak about 3/16 in. by I in. Each clip is held in place by means of two small wire nails driv- en in through holes punched near the ends of the clips, all as indicated in the accompanying illus- tration. When not in use, the small handles may be pushed flat against the sides, leaving one remaining up in the center so that the file may be hung up. The sheets may be filed on one or both sides of the center strip. — John D. Adams.

���Manner of attaching clip on papers and stick

��Goggles to Be Used When Making Chemical Experiments

A PAIR of motor-goggles with windows of mica rather than glass, afford valuable protection to the eyes when experimenting in a chemical laboratory. A pair should be kept handy for use when operating with flasks and tubes of boiling liquids that are apt to decrepitate and spurt. The most comfortable to wear are those with large windows having an edging of chenille or velvet. — H. J. Gray.

��To Keep Weight of Automobile from Tires

THE upkeep of tires is the greatest ex- pense of an automobile, but with tl^e

���Axle support or jack to keep weight of automobile from tires when not in use

jack illustrated the weight of the car is held off the tires, so that the wear on them

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