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��Round Belt Guide on a Washing Machine Wheel

THE circumference of the washing ma- chine flywheel shown in the illustration is divided into

���eight equal parts and at each di- vision a pair of 3/16-in. holes are drilled. Pieces of stiff wire bent U-shaped and about4 in. long are slipped through these holes from the inside of the wheel rim and their ends bent outward as shown . These wires serve as guides to keep the belt on the center of the wheel. — Geo. C. Rousch.

��The U-shaped belt guide made of pieces of wire

��A Vine Covered Tepee in the Garden for the Little Folks

AVERY attractive tepee can be built of 2 by 4-in. timbers, as shown in the illustration. First lay out a plot of ground and box it in with the timbers, filling up the part within with dirt to the upper edges of the timbers. Near each corner of the frame stand one of the timbers, allowing the upper end to slope toward the center

���of the square where all four meet. Then tie or spike them together.

Morning-glory vines are planted around three sides of the base and are trained up

���The vine-covered tepee admits the cool breeze and keeps out the hot sunshine

to trail over wire mesh fastened to the timbers. The fourth side is left open to provide an entrance-way. Lawn chairs and a table may be placed inside. The breeze from any direction can enter such a tepee and the hot rays of the sun will be kept out. — Edward F. Bigelow.

��A plot is boxed in and timbers set up in tepee form and covered with wire mesh

��A Shaft-Polisher Made Like a Lemon Squeezer

PISTON rods, mandrels and similar shafts of considerable length turned in a lathe are usually given a high finish. Where no grinding fixtures are available this finishing must be done with files and emery cloth. A polisher for such work that gives more pressure on the surface and does better work with less fatigue may be made on the principle of a wood lemon squeezer. Two pieces 3^ i n - wide and 1/% in. thick are joined at the back with a piece of old belt leather for a hinge. Shallow grooves are cut across the boards on the inside and pieces of emery cloth tacked in them. The leverage gives as much pressure as desired.

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