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��meets, but it would be more appropriate for boys than the vault for height. The action is much like the above styles except that there is no necessity for getting so much of a "lift."

Vaulting Rules

The height of the bar at starting and at each successive elevation is determined by the field judges.

Each competitor is allowed three jumps at each height, and the competitor who fails at the third attempt is disqualified.


��"balks" are always counted as a trial jump.

Any competitor is allowed to dig a hole not more than 1 ft. in diameter at the take- off, in which to plant his pole.

A competitor must not, in the moment that he makes a jump, or after leaving the ground, place his lower hand above the upper one or move the upper hand higher up on the pole.

���Plant the pole lightly by thrusting the end into the hole just before the left foot strikes the take- off and at the same time throw the arms forward with the left close up to the right exactly as above

��A competitor may commence at any height above the minimum height. He must, however, jump at every following height until he has forfeited his right to compete further.

The vault is made over a bar resting on pegs.

As soon as a competitor has left the ground for the purpose of making a jump, the jump is counted as a trial.

A line is drawn 15 ft. in front of the bar and parallel therewith, to be known as the balk line, and stepping over such a line, or such line extended, in any attempt is counted as a "balk." Two successive

��Poles may have a binding, but must not have any further support for the hands.

If the uprights are moved at all they must not be changed more than 2 ft. in any direction, and not more than one hole may be made by a competitor. The take- off ground about the jump must be level.

The uprights should be at least 12 ft. apart.

All measurements are made perpendicu- larly from the ground to the upper side of the bar where it is lowest.

In the pole vault, if in making a trial the competitor's pole is broken, it is not counted as a trial.

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