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��popular as a feature of regular gymnasium class work in which there are many on each team.

Novelty relays are not used in serious meets but are popular as diversions at

���light objects, ovoid in shape, the greatest diameter not to exceed 4 in. and the smallest diameter not less than 2 in. The first of these objects shall be placed 2 yd. from the receptacle.

Each competitor must pick up each of the objects singly and place the same in his own receptacle. After having picked up one of the objects he must deposit it in

���For the shuttle potato race a receptacle not more than two feet high or an opening not more than thirty-six inches in circumference is placed upon the starting line for each competitor to fill

��gymnasium class periods and on other occasions when a jolly contest is in order. Each team has a separate course, consisting of some piece of apparatus placed at each end of the gymnasium. The course of each team is parallel to the others and far enough away so as not to interfere. The kind of races that may be run is limited only by the ingenuity of the director.

Potato races are runs in which potatoes or any other Hght objects are carried from one place to another. There are two kinds of these races; namely, shuttle and stadium.

For the shuttle potato race a receptacle not more than 2 ft. high or an opening not

���the receptacle before picking up another. After all the objects are placed in the re- ceptacle the competitor must cross the finish line, which is 5 yd. behind the re- ceptacle.

In handicap competitions, the marks are given from behind the starting line.

In the stadium potato races two boxes 4 in. deep, 12 in. in diameter, are set on stands 2 ft. high, for each contestant. The outer edges of these boxes are 31 ft. apart. The runner may start on either side of the box that contains the potatoes, from a line parallel to its outer edge, the starting mark, with one potato in his hand. He runs around both boxes, each time placing one potato in the other box, and finishing at the starting point on the other side of




The runner starts from the starting mark on one side of the box that contains the potatoes. With one potato in his hand he then runs around both boxes, placing the potato in the other box

��more than 36 in. in circumference is placed upon the starting line for each competitor. Upon a straight line drawn from the re- ceptacle at right angles to the starting line shall be placed, at distances of 2 yd., eight

��his own box. Grasping either stand in any way, failure to run around both boxes, or a failure to transfer all the potatoes singly from one box into the other shall disquali- fy the runner.

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