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Why Edison Succeeded

You can't get on in the world unless you read — read the books which will make you more valuable to those for whom you work. You don't have to go to college. Edison never went to college. But he has probably the finest library of technical books in this country.

If you want helpful, practical books on electricity, mechanics, mechanical engineering, wireless, airplanes, sheet metal work, repairing, write to the Popular Science Monthly's Readers' Service Bureau. Tell us in what subjects you are interested and we will compile a list of books, with their prices.

We will send more than a mere price list. We will select out of a hundred or more titles the very book which, in our opinion, meets your requirements.

Whenever you are at a loss for an inexpensive, practical book, or for information about books, write to

Popular Science Monthly's Readers' Service Bureau 239 Fourth Avenue, New York

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