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Three exposures of the Arctic sun made on the same plate. The sun is shown rising, at noon- day and at sunset. It travels along the very edge of the horizon, as if just peeping above it

��How the Sun Looks in the Arctic

Circles in the Morning, at Noon

and at Night

NORTH of the Arctic Circle, during certain periods of the year, the sun barely peeps over the horizon. Some days you have to stand on your tip-toes, so to speak, to see it at all. At sunrise, midday, and sunset it appears just above the horizon, and re-

��"An Army Travels on Its Belly,"

Said Napoleon — Also on Its Feet,

Say Chiropodists

IF your feet trouble you, you are only about fifty per cent efficient as a fighting man. In the Fourteenth Regiment of the National Guard, in Brooklyn, N. Y., the men must submit themselves to a foot examination. The accompanying illustra- tion shows a

���mains in about the same posi- tion. It never climbs high into the heavens as it does in warm countries. It travels around the horizon.

The illustra- tion shows three exposures of the Arctic sun made on the same plate. The pho- tograph was tak- en December i , 1915, at 11:45 a. M., 12 m. and 12:15 P- M., re- spectively. Nine days after the photograph was taken the sun did not appear above the horizon at all, but re- mained below for five weeks, gradually appearing again in reverse order.

��Graduates of a school of chiropody applying themselves to the relief of the foot troubles of a Brooklyn regiment

��number of them undergoing treat- men t at the hands of the 191 7 class of the School of Chirop- ody of New York. The young grad- uates volunteer- ed their services long before hos- tilities were de- clared.

Regular estab- lished undergrad- uate and post- graduate medical schools pay but little attention to foot conditions unless they re- quire major sur- gical treatment. Consequently there is a particular need for chiropodists at the present time. Numbers of them will doubtless be engaged for the army.

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