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��Popular Science Monthly

���A vessel carrying a new device for killing sharks by electricity. The detail of the device by means of which the bait is charged is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the picture

��nected with the metallic hull of the vessel and the water.

When a shark seizes the bait, he pulls on the cable, and the reel is rotated. The electric current then shoots from the dynamo through the cable, the hook, the shark's body, the water, and the ship's hull back to the dynamo. The electric shock contracts the shark's jaws around the hook like the jaws of a vise, so that escape is impossible. He is electrocuted almost instantly.

��Co-operative Kitchens to Solve the "High Cost" Problems

THAT the cost of the primary necessities of life has increased to a point that causes hardship, privation and under- nutrition among the unemployed or in large families striving to exist on a small income, is no doubt pitifully true. In the majority of cases, however, it is expensive tastes and pampered appetites which suffer most.

��Ignorance of how to spend money in order to get fullest food value and of how to pre- pare the food to the best advantage is also a contributory cause of hardship.

The food actually required for the body's needs costs very little. Enough pork and beans, bread and butter, milk and coffee, with the fuel to cook it, to amply nourish an adult for an entire day would cost only about twelve cents, according to expert dietitians. Numerous other in- expensive and healthful foods there are to add variety; but the problem is to govern the quantity and kinds of food by the needs of the individuals to be served and to prepare it appetizingly.

The solution seems to lie in the co- operative kitchen, in which Science writes the menus, consulting not the personal appetites of the patrons but their specific needs. The highest cost of meals for an entire day in such a kitchen should be not more than thirty cents for each in- dividual, including the diagnosis.

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