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Do It With Tools and Machinery

��At right: A "gun" for driving nails in hard- to-reach places. It is a steel rod with a brass tube shank, having a larger tube enclosing a light coil-spring for a hand-grip. The ten- of the spring is sufficient to hold the nail in the chuck end ready to be driven when it is set in place

���held by threads

Expanding sleeves forced into hose

Threaded coupling ring binds outer ' casings together


��Flange forced down keeping watertight ,1

��A metal coupling for con- necting the ends of a hose in a perfectly steam-tight joint, avoiding all leaks

��A motor-operated collar ironer with a revolving head which irons, rolls and polishes collars of different shapes without making them rough

��A guide for use in putting hinges on doors and frames so that the holding pins can be inserted easily


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