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���Instead of climbing the flag pole to repair it, one man lowers it to the roof where it can be painted with less danger

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The Tender Chloroforming, Antiseptic Bayonet— It Wounds and Heals

HOW can we make the soldier fight harder ? Can we do it by giving him new implements of torture, new weapons to increase bloodshed? "No," is the answer of Alexander Foster Humphrey, of Pitts- burgh, Pa., inventor of the gentle narcotic hunting bullet and the polite antiseptic, anaesthetic military bullet.

"Relieve the conscience of the soldier," advises Mr. Humphrey, "and he will fight the harder. Let him know that while he must cause a wound, he is also giving means to relieve and heal that wound and he will fight like a tiger."

All of which whether true or not serves as an introduction to Mr. Humphrey's most recent and most astonishing invention, the antiseptic, pain-deadening bayonet — a bay- onet that carries in its blade a capsule con- taining a mixture of antiseptics, anaesthetics and gelatin. When the bayonet is plunged into a soldier the heat of the body will melt the capsule and release its healing contents, the anaesthetic deadening the wounded man's pain, the antiseptic preventing in- fection, and the gelatin stopping the flow of blood. We wonder if a Belgian soldier would relish the stabbing of a German so tenderly.

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���Flag Pole Repairing

Minus the Usual


SPECIALIZED pole painters and steeple- jacks may soon find them- selves unnecessary adjuncts to the business world, if the ingenious flag raising and lowering device shown in the accompanying illustration becomes popular. It can be used on all flat roofs. Instead of the men climbing the pole, the pole is brought down to the men by means of a system of gears, which can be operated by one man. These gears are mounted on a short hollow post which is fastened to the building. They operate a drum which is divided into two portions. Upon these portions, the pole tackles wind up.

The drum which winds up the cable going to the top sheaves is larger than the other, so that this cable will wind up faster and keep its tension the same as the lower cables, as the pole swings up on its hinging pin. When fully raised, two stirrups hold the flag pole securely against the shorter anchoring post.

���The bayonet which heals the wounds it makes. A groove in the end of the blade holds an antiseptic, anaesthetic capsule

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