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Why They Were Rejected

��Has he a little Prussia in his dome? Let the doctor decide this, and also pass upon his hearing. The Marine Corps demands that a recruit have good hearing, otherwise how would he know to obey an order to retreat

��At right above: Taking his measure. If the height limit is five feet four and the recruit but five feet three it is possible (so they say) to make up the extra inch between the waist line and shoulder. Seven-foot soldiers aren't nice to look at; four-footers can't march fast enough

����Underweight? Go home, fill up on olive oil and milk and go to bed. Overweight? Pick out a forty-storied building and walk to the top ten times a day. Fat men can't stand the pace; skinny ones haven't the endurance

��Close one eye and see if you can pick out a German at twenty feet. Very good. Now close the other and see if you can read those letters. Fine, you will make a sharpshooter after peace comes and firearms are taboo

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