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Housekeeping Made Easy

����A small white enameled stand with an en- closed space for brushes and shoe-polish- ing utensils makes a handy bit of furniture

��A new way to seal cans of vege- tables and fruit without using solder. The filled can is placed in the "sealer" as shown above. A turn of the crank seals it

����A foot-rest for the bath-tub. It hooks over the edge of the tub like a soap holder. An adjustable piece in the back holds it out

��A device for removing the peel from an orange without soiling the hands or wasting the juice. It can also be used for slicing the peel in various patterns for decorative purposes

���A squeezer for hastening the process of jelly-making. The last vestige of fruit juice can be extracted in this way without staining the fingers or clothes


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