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��The "Swat the Fly" Campaign Is On. Here Is a New Trick

WHILE the "swatter" has done its bit toward final victory over the fly, it has its disagreeable features. Strips of sticky fly-paper and similar devices are unsightly and disagreeable also. The invention of Crystal Hilgers of Chicago, 111., eliminates the unsight- ly elements of the fly- warfare.

The invention is a small box-like contriv- ance with extending wings connected with a slowly rotating shaft which leads into the box and down into a channel filled with ker- osene. The wings are coated with molasses. The shaft rotates so slowly that the flies attracted by the mo- lasses are not shaken off. When they are inside, the kerosene fumes in the channel affect them, and they drop down into the container in the channel, which may be drawn out from the side and emptied oc- casionally.

The captured flies are at no time visible except when the container is emptied.




The flies are lured into the chamber by molasses on the slowly revolving shaft wings, and are dropped off into kerosene

��Going to College to Learn Wood Graining

ANEW sort of school, designed solely to benefit the man who cannot afford to leave his home to acquire a broader knowledge of his profession, has been established in Iowa by the State College at Ames. It is a short course for the painter and decorator whose education and training in his profession has been of the "pick-up" variety.

Each year painters and decorators from over the state gather at the college to spend four weeks in more de- tailed study of the scientific principles of painting and decorat- ing. Two additional short courses are con- ducted under the di- rection of the college. These courses last one week, and are usually held in the differ- ent cities as the result of some arrangement with the local commercial club or some other public organization. In the evening sessions there are lectures and discussions of individual problems. This is believed to be the first school of its kind.

���Pupils of the Iowa State College Traveling School studying the best ways to grain wood. Every student is under the supervision of an expert instructor in the art

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