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��so that in the event of engine failure at night, the riding lights may be connected directly with the storage battery.

There are three methods by which the magneto may be connected with the engine. They are as shown at K, L and M of the sketch showing the com- mon methods of connecting the magneto to the flywheel of the engine. The one shown at K is termed a "friction drive," wherein a beveled leather-faced pulley is held tight to the flywheel by means of a spring or governor. A belt drive is shown at L. The belt is merely passed around the magneto pul- ley and the fly- wheel. Sketch M shows a gear- driven type. This latter type is undoubtedly the most practi- cal for use in an open boat or where the bilge

��lowing instructions are closely followed. To start the motor, open the valves in the gasoline line, and the needle valve on the carburetor. One turn with the thumb nut is sufficient with most carburetors. Next, close all the switches and flood the carburetor by pressing down the priming cap until a few drops leak out of the bottom of the carburetor. Now open the throttle about one-half or three-quarters and set the timer at commutator so that the engine « .. , will not back-fire.

��Quad, coils

��Magneto Ground to engi

Four-cylinder jump spark using single coils

���Magneto_ Ground to engine frame •

Four-cylinder jump spark using quad, coil Battery Coil

Four-cylinder "make and break

��Three wiring diagrams for a four-cylinder marine en- gine, one for the jump spark, with single and quad- ruple coils and the make and break type connections

���About three or four notches from the end of the quadrant is a safe position. Then grasp the handle with the fingers and take hold in such a way that if the motor should back-fire the end will slip off the handle; but never close the thumb around the han- dle, as a broken arm or shoulder

��water may be splashed on the flywheel; for either type K or L will slip more or less if the flywheel gets wet. All of these magnetos are equipped with a governor to prevent them from being driven too rapidly when the flywheel is revolving at excessive speed. High tension magnetos are always geared to the engine.

Practically all gasoline motors, especially marine engines, can be readily started whether or not the operator is familiar with his special type of engine, if the fol-

��may result. Rock the balance-wheel back and forth and give it a quick pull over center the way you wish the motor to go. The rocking operation draws the gasoline charge into the cylinder and if the proper charge is taken in, the motor will start. It is also good practice to prime the motor through the priming cock before attempting to start it, and a little oil mixed with the gasoline used for priming will be of great assistance.

After the motor is under way, advance





���Wiring diagrams for connecting up a single cylinder as well as a double cylinder marine engine with ba tte ries, spark coil and timer, also magneto and timer using single and double coils

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