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the bolt ends from the nuts was riveted over. Ordinary rivets can be used in place of the bolts, if they are put in hot.

The trailer frame was made of 3 by 1 13/16-in. channel iron with cross-pieces riveted in place, corner braces at each end and corner plates. The plate E is 12 in. wide and % * n - thick, and as long as the trailer chassis is wide. It is securely riveted to the frame and cross-member F. The plate G is 12 in. wide, cut to shape from %-'m. stock. Two circular plates H, 2% in. in diameter, were cut out and fastened in the center of each upper (G) and lower (E) plates. A 2-in. hole was then drilled through the center of both circular plates and the plates G and E for the king pin or bolt /, which was made of 1 31/32-in. stock with a i3^ by 3-in. head, and a steel washer 2>}A by M" m - under the head. This bolt is 10 in. long with a 4-in. length of threads. A spiral spring J was placed on the end of the bolt under the washer where it was secured under light tension with a nut, locknut and cotter.

A groove was cut in each of the plates H for a grease retainer. Two holes were drilled in the plate G for two %-in. bolts to serve as bumpers for any side thrust that might be made.

The floor of the trailer was placed on five pieces L cut from 2 by 8-in. oak. These were fastened with long bolts M, as shown. The opening left in the front part of the housing for the differential was covered with a plate bolted in place. The detail N is for irons to hold the stakes, is for the king bolt and P for the bracket connections.

Inflation and Weight Governs the Resiliency of Tires

RESILIENCY of the tires is primarily u governed by the construction and quality, but is largely influenced by the inflation and weight carried. Naturally a 4-in. tire inflated to 70 lb. air pressure and carrying 800 lb. weight will ride easier than the same size tire with the same infla- tion, and carrying 700 lb. weight. The heavier weight causes more deflection of the tires on the ground and increases the action of the side walls, thereby adding to the comfort of the ride. Increasing the deflection or flattening of tires, either by extra weight or reducing the air pressure, causes more of the vibration to be absorbed by the tires than by the springs of the car.

��A Cement Wash to Be Applied to a Damp Wall

A GOOD cement wash for a damp wall may be made with 7 parts of soft, clear water, 1 pint of lime water and 2 oz. of table salt. Stir the cement enough to form a paint, adding any earth color desired, or use plain.

��A Porch Swing Made from Your Favorite Rocking-Chair

A COMFORTABLE rocker can be converted into a swing without alter- ing or defacing the chair. The materials needed are two strips of wood about ij^ by 1 1 /2 in- and about 8 in. longer than the width of the chair seat; two sets of ham- mock chains; six stout screw-eyes and four long, slim wood screws.

The strips are fastened with screws to the under part of the seat frame. The chains are suspended from two screw-eyes set in a joist in the porch ceiling and are hooked into screw-eyes set near the ends of the two cross-pieces.

���Auxiliary frame under seat of a rocking- chair for fastening the ends of the chains

When the swing season is over, these attachments may be easily removed and neither the chair nor the porch will be any the worse for the out-of-doors usage of the chair.— T. H. Linthicum.

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