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Let the Popular Science Monthly Send You a Check

Do you know an interesting photograph when you see one ?

Then you should be receiving checks regularly from Popular Science Monthly.

Go to the nearest newspaper office and ask the editor for the names of inventors in your town. Find out what each is doing. If one has invented a device to catch chicken- hawks with kites, another an apparatus to kill flies by elec- trocuting them, and a third a treadmill for his dog, and so on, let us have articles, with photographs or drawings — quick!

Do you know that photographers' studios are mines for some authors ? Go to the nearest studio. Ask the photog- rapher to let you look through his plates and prints. Pick out the novel, the curious pictures, and mail them to us.

Is there a big manufacturing plant in your town ? Did you ever go through it with your eyes open ? How do you know but some mechanic in that very plant has invented a machine which is saving his boss a thousand dollars a week ? Shouldn't the whole manufacturing world hear of that man ?

How about the big engineering jobs in your neighbor- hood ? Do you know that contractors never dig two cellars alike ? Keep an eye on them. Look out for new labor and time-saving machines.

Now get busy and receive some checks.

News to you is something which is new to you.

Is the picture of Italian soldiers with blackened faces on Page 382 of this issue news to you ? We put it there believing that it would be.

On Page 333 is shown a roof bungalow. One of our readers happened to discover this unique mode of living, and recognizing something new, he immediately obtained photo- graphs, and sent them to us. They were news to us and we paid him" for them.

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