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The New Eagles of the Western Front

���The latest Nieuport "Avion de Chasse," or fighter, mounts three machine guns. Two on top of the plane fire over the propeller and one beneath the upper plane fires through the propeller. The perfect streamline body, the small wings and rudders and the big propeller with a hood in front enable the machine to travel at 120 miles an hour

��Machine gun showing How it is airtcooled by

violent slipstream, of propeller * *

���The new fast armored Farman fighting plane. Only one ma- chine-gun can be carried because of the armor's weight. Another view of this machine appears at the top of the next page. The armor over the cylinder heads of the engine is perforated so that cooling drafts may enter, the strong slipstream from the propeller entering through the circular opening in front, passing through the radiator and finally emerging through these holes

��The three machine guns of the "Avion de Chasse" are aimed by pointing the whole machine straight at the enemy. They are fired simultaneously by the single pilot. Ordinary machine guns are used, evidenced by the useless rear handles and pistol grips


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