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Housekeeping Made Easy

���A book table pro- vided with a lamp which may be ad- justed from forty- eight to sixty inches in height. The table itself is twenty- four inches high and twelve inches square. Both table and lamp standard are of mahogany. About six books can be accommo- dated between the two side braces on the top of the table, and as many more on the shelf

����You can fold this gas range out of the way so as to use the space belcw it for a table. It is so made that it may be con- nected with flexible or fixed tubing. If flexible tubing is used the range may be disconnected and tucked away in a closet. Taking it out again and set- ting it up for use when needed is but the work of a mo- ment. All parts are light in weight

��Two photographs mounted on a pivot fit, back to back, in this frame. The view on each side is six by eight inches. The stand and frame are attract- ively finished in burnished gold

��A simple and inexpensive book rest which can be adjusted in three positions for use. Two of the positions are shown here. The ledge of the device holds the pages of the opened book flat


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