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���The kit preserves the shape of cigars, holds pipes up- right and provides a space for the storage of tobacco

��Why Young Pheasants Re- quire Foster-Mothers

IN pheasant-raising the great- est difficulty is to secure "setters." Says L. S. Crandall in Pets, (Henry Holt & Co., New York), "If the female (pheasant) will incubate, she can not be excelled for rearing the young, but in most cases she refuses to perform this function. It is customary, therefore, to remove the eggs and place them under a domestic hen. For this purpose a small bird should be chosen, preferably a Silkie, or a gentle little Bantam.

��This Smoker's Kit Is Approved by the Neat Housekeeper

SMOKING makes a contented man, it is said. On the other hand, smoking, if the pleasure be derived from pipes, is likely to make a very discon- tented housekeeper. For pipes have a careless way of spilling their ashy contents on tables if they are thoughtlessly placed on them. Joseph F. Jeckert, of Garfield, New Jersey, is therefore to be commended for his smoker's kit. It not only keeps pipe ashes where they belong, but there are compartments for cigars, to* bacco and matches in the same kit.

The kit may be hung on a wall or placed on a table as it ap- pears in the photograph. The pipes are held in an upright posi- tion and if there are loose ashes they will fall out into the tray. Furthermore, the nicotin and other juices will run down the stems and into the bowls. A cor- rugated panel furnishes the up- right channels to hold the pipes.

��A Novel Machine for Reclaiming Scrap Materials

HERE is a machine which is interest- ing because of the many uses to which it can be put. It can be applied to general manufacturing and repair shop work where bent sheets and structural members have to be straightened or where it is desired to form new material to particular shapes. It is a press par- ticularly adapted to the straightening of bent railway truck-frames, center and side sills, side sheets, channels and truss rods. It is also used for the forming of new hopper sheets , as shown in the il- lustration, and the bending of guard rails and other work re- quired by way de- partments of rail- roads.

The base of the press is a heavy flat steel casting, to which two up- rights are at- tached, which sup- port a main cross- frame. Two channel sections | placed back

" to back,

constitute this cross- frame and serve as a track.

���The pressure cylinder is suspended from a four- wheel carriage propelled by an endless chain

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