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���Automobile fenders are hung like hams in a smoke house. Floor space is saved and the polished surfaces protected

��It Costs a Million Dollars a Year to Paint Our Navy

OUR battleships literally eat paint. The initial color requirements for a new battleship cost about twenty-five thousand dol- lars, which is the price of about one hundred tons of the kind of paint the navy uses. In addition to this, it is customary to repaint the different parts of a ship two or three times a year, so the annual upkeep prob- ably exceeds this sum. This brings the annual outlay in paint for the entire fleet to a million dollars. The most important coating a vessel receives is the paint applied to the submerged parts of the hull to protect it from corrosion or barnacles.

��Storing Automobile Fenders Without Scratching Them

HANGING automobile fenders from step-like pipe-racks suspended from the ceiling in much the same way as hams are hung from the old smoke house for curing, is the very latest idea carried out by one of the largest automobile service stations in the coun- try. Each fender is swung from one of the racks by means of two small wire hooks; it also hangs free by gravity. The pipe racks supporting each row are so arranged that the fenders in that row swing clear of those in the next tow above or below, as shown in the accompanying illustration.

By such a method a great number of fenders can be stored in a small floor area— and space is at a premium in even the largest and the most up-to-date service stations in the country. At the same time the fenders are held in such a way that they can be taken off the racks without much difficulty and without danger of scratching them.


��A Clothes Closet Which You Can Take Along on Your Vacation

HAT to do with that trunk full of

summer finery when you arrive in

your three-by-six room at the summer

resort boarding house has been

solved in a simple, practicable

manner. Commodious clothes

closets and summer boarding

houses never go very well

together, despite what the

enticing advertisements

have to say. But with the

portable, collapsible closet

of khaki cloth shown in

the illustrations, one need

not worry about closet


In folded form the khaki

closet can be packed away

spare corner of the

trunk. When you arrive at the

hotel you drive a nail in the

door or wall, if one is

not already there,

and hang the cloth

closet on it. A wire

frame gives the top

and bottom of the

closet its box -like

shape. When full the

closet can be closed

by buttoning it.

���clothes closet when use and when folded

�� �