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��series of crosses outlining the pattern for A. Connect these crosses into a freehand curve. Make the 3/16-in. allowance on each edge for lock seam and you have the complete pattern for A.

Now comes the interesting part of this problem. The curve G- H is the pattern for every joint shown on the drawing; this is so because every one of these joints are the same angle. To get the pattern for / take the distance F-J on the front view and set it off as F-J on the pattern. In the same way take the distance E-K on the front view and set it off as G-K and H-K on the pattern. Then lay out the curve G-H as K-K, and the pattern for / will be as shown in the drawing.

For the pipe L on the front view, with the seam on top, we would use the pattern G-H-N-M. For the pipe in the upper drawing, that part of the pattern for I marked K-J- F-G would give us one-half of the pattern for pipe 0. For the pipes marked P we can use the same pattern curve but the top curve K- K would have to be drawn so that the low part / of the top curve would be opposite the low part G of the bottom curve. Similar adaptations would be necessary for the other pipes.

��Making Soldiers in Black and White on the Typewriter

BY the use of a little ingenuity a sten- ographer, or any person who can operate a typewriter, may hammer out a whole regiment of soldiers on the type- 2 writer, using the letters and ^^ M punctuation marks found on Jkg all the standard machines. JHl The accompanying sketch

WjmJf shows how lifelike the type- ^^SCI writer drawing is. The "&" J^^JKm sig n supplies the head, chest, ^^^F§ an( l arms, a small "o" the \m\g body, a period the cap, a yf ]J capital "W" the legs, a double quotation mark (") the feet, and the hyphen standing space. A colon provides two buttons for the coat, and the transverse line used in making fractions makes a remarkably lifelike gun. Best results are secured by making a whole row at a time. If the typewriter is equipped with a double color ribbon, very pleasing effects can be produced by printing the char- acters in different colors; for instance, the cap and trousers red and the others black.

��f f

Soldier shaped from type prints

��A Cigar Cutter Attachment for a Pocket- Knife

TO make a handy and novel cigar cutter procure a bone or wood handle pocket-knife and with a round file make an arc of a circle cut in the handle about % in. from the hilt as shown at A. To trim the cigar open the blade of the knife and place the end of the cigar in the arc, shut the blade quickly, and the deed is done. The notch does not harm the knife in any way.


��The cigar end is put in the notch for cutting

-C. T. Wandres.

��Clothes-Hangers Used for Handles on Barrel Covers

BARRELS used as containers for storing apples, potatoes, and the like are usually kept closed with a detachable cover. To handle such covers conveniently it is necessary to have some kind of a hand

���The small double hook screw hanger makes an excellent handle for a barrel cover

grasp. A clothes-hanger will answer the purpose nicely. The kind illustrated has two hooks with a screw point in the center. It is quickly applied. — H. Drobe.

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