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��squad's distance beyond the point where squad I turned, then it does "Squads right." Each of the other squads thus goes beyond where its predecessor turned and

��then they also

���turn. At "Company — Halt" squad I halts. The other squads halt


��a quarter right wheel or swing of the entire company. No. I of squad I makes a "Right face" and marks time. All of the others "Left oblique" until they get in line with him again; then the officer commands

��-♦ and "right di

��4> 4*44/4*-+ * +

Saw ' ,--'-"-* *• v

��5a.!*'♦'*'*' 1 J4>4*4*4*

��Squads right

��4> 4* 4> 4* 4*4*4* M

��Sq.2. 5q. i

��+ + + +

V x ■*. V

��U> 4* \* i>

j<, 'M«>4*4*m* ♦ I 1 1

��Left front into line


��VV 4> WMI. ,

\A*V*>*i 5( ^

��Right by file

��Column fight


��4*4* 4A 4/4*4*4'


t f M

��4* 4* 4* <* VA U 4> 4 J 4*4*4/4/ 4* 4/4/4*


4>> 4/*

4>5 4* 6

4>' 4>» 4*»

4*'<> 4*" 4*'* 4>u •%*" 4/ s




���4* \t 4/ \*

It 14 12 10 '


��Squads left front into line.

��y y 4;* y

«* V* * 4'/ 4*4*4*4/

On right into line

��The same orders executed in squads of sixteen men each, showing their positions taken and lines of march

��"Forward — March" or "Company — Halt," as he wishes. To dismiss the company the officer brings it to "Attention," then com- mands "Dismissed."

��when they come up to Sq. t Sq. i where sq uad I hal ted .

Right by squads If while the com-

pany is marching in columns of squads it is desired to get them into single file the command is, "Right by file — March." At this Nos. I of squad I march directly forward. All the others halt. Nos. 2 of both ranks follow Nos. I of both ranks, etc. To form them into columns of squads again the command is "Squads left front into line — March." Nos. I of each squad halts. The others "Left oblique" and take their places in the squad. "Right by twos — March" is the same type of formation as the above but marching in twos. To get them into file of squads the command is the same as above.

Of course all of these may be done con- versely in the other direction. Marching in file and by twos is seldom used in the army because it takes too much time and room to be very useful, but in small groups it is a good variation.

"Company — Right." This maneuver is executed while in line formation and means

��Burning Out Designs on a Piece of Paper

THIS sort of amusement can create con- siderable fun. This idea has been used many times in advertisements on post cards in this manner: A given point is lighted with the glowing end of your cigar or match and it causes a trail of fire to slowly eat itself around the paper until it has traced out some name or design. The same thing can be done with a newspaper and any design or wording worked out such as "Merry Xmas," "Welcome," etc. Just outline the wording with a pointed brush dipped into a concentrated solution of potassium nitrate. Allow the paper to dry and all tracings will vanish. Mark the paper with a pencil so that the start of the line can be determined and then light it with a red hot poker, cigarette or something which will not make a flame to burn up the paper, but cause the invisible lines to burn out as the fire traces its arranged course. — Clarence T. Hubbard.

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