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Popular Science Monthly at the Front

���Have you a brother, son or friend going to the front or to training camp? Make him happy by sending him a good magazine

��Popular Science Monthly will give him all the new ideas in me- chanics and science. He will learn all the new war developments in airplanes, submarines, destroyers, machine guns and tanks. What magazine will be more eagerly read by the boy at the front ?

How to Send Popular Science Monthly

Uncle Sam makes no extra charge for delivering magazines to our soldiers and sailors at thefront.

��You can send Popular Science Monthly at the regular rates: —

For one year 31.50

For six months 75

For three months.. .40

Send us the name and complete designation of his division, regi- ment, company and organization —like this:

Arthur J. Nichols,

Company X, Infantry,

American Expeditionary Forces.

Popular Science Monthly, 239 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y.

�� �