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The Makeshift Refrigerators of the Fighters

���A refrigerator for one of the Na- tional Guard units camped in the East. It is a hand-made affair, constructed of boards and divided into three roomy compartments in which food of all descriptions is stored. The ice is kept in the lower section — when there is any ice. The interior is lined with odds and ends of sheet metal

���A knapsack refrigerator for the soldier to carry on his back. The cold com- partment is lined with sheet metal and water cools the contents on the evaporation principle. It is not as heavy as it looks, being made of light weight material. The articles car- ried •' in it are such as can be soon disposed of

���The army "water cow," used by National Guardsmen in New York. The bag is first soaked in water and then filled with water. The sun and wind do the rest by starting evaporation


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