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If All the Allies' Army Blankets Were Rolled Together,

End to End!

���Imagine yourself slowly running your eyes up the four hundred and fifty-one feet of the great Khufu pyramid in Egypt. Do not stop at the top, but picture if you can, seven more pyramids of equal height placed one upon the other above the real one. In back of these imagine a great roll of wool and cotton whose prodigious diameter stretches from the ground to the peak of the top- most pyramid. Your mental picture will be like this one, and it will represent the miles of blankets that have been used in the equipment of the Allied armies from the beginning of the war until our entrance into it. And this enormous amount of material is only cne item of the equipment! Such comparisons are useful in bringing home to the lay mind some idea of the total cost cf the war in dollars and cents as well as in the consumption of products and the output of factories


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