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Three Stages of Growth in a Wasp Colony

���The front of a wasp's nest is seen at the left. The nest has grown to an empire, many broods having been raised and each in turn having la- bored to increase the colony. In each of the cells the face of a young wasp almost developed peers out

Below are shown cells of the wasp's nest, cut open to reveal the eggs as deposited by the Queen. The cells of a nest are not a) '.owed to remain idle; as soon as cne wasp emerges, the cell is cleaned out for another egg. The young wasps are the workers

��Brown and Dawson

Section of a wasp's nest showing on the left a young wasp still in the feeding stage, and on the right a wasp that is nearly ready to issue into the world and take up the work of the empire. In the fall the nest grows to great proportions. At length the old Queen dies, and the young wasps fly away from the home


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