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��Both desk and chair are mounted on stools. The rela- tion of the hands to the keys remains the same whether the operator stands or sits at her work

���hould be measured for the chair in whicn he spends one-half of the time that is awake during his entire working life.

If the worker can perform his task standing as well as sit- ting, his implements and his work should be so posi- tioned that he can relieve his tense muscles by dis- carding his chair. Take the two accompany- ing photographs as an ex- ample of what Mr. Gilbreth has done for the typist. Note that both the typewriter desk and the chair are mounted up- on stools. The relation of the hands to the keyboard remains same whether the typist stands or sits. When she is tired of sitting, she has only to push aside the chair and stool and to continue her work standing.

Here we have an example of the prop- er distribution of necessary fatigue so that the efficiency of the worker is in- creased and her well-being improved.

��Work the Typewriter Standing and Sitting — It Lessens Fatigue

" r I ^HERE is no waste of any J. kind in the world," says Frank B. Gilbreth, the motion study expert, "that equals the waste from needless, ill-directed and ineffective motions." One result of this waste is fatigue. Some fatigue is necessary and some unnecessary. It is the business of the efficiency en- gineer to eliminate all unneces- sary fatigue and to distribute the necessary fatigue properly. As the result of his study of fatigue, Mr. Gilbreth has come to the conclusion that few work benches or tables are absolutely satisfactory that do not permit the worker to work equally well standing or sitting. The worker

��Each Salesman Has His Own Tele- phone in This Grocery

A CHICAGO grocer increases his busi- ness through telephone orders by supplying each of his salesmen with a special telephone on a table bearing the salesman's name. Thus he avoids the delays and confusion entailed by calling the different salesmen to the telephone.

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��Each salesman has his own telephone and samples of the day's "specials" before him on his desk so that there is no delay

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