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Do It With Tools and Machinery

���A device for locat- ing trouble in cylin- ders. It has an in- sulated handle at- tached to a current- carrying chain, the two ends of which are grounded

��The modern car- penter takes his shop to his work. At right is shown a small gasoline en- gine for driving the saw and joiner in a portable shop

��A particularly tough flexible boiler stay-bolt for use in en- gine fire-boxes

��An oil burner for heating the ma- terials when mixing concrete in cold weather. The burner consists of steel pipe with an elliptical cross sec- tion and with a short bend in the lower end to direct the flame. The storage tank is placed on top and holds sufficient for a two days' run

���Each end of the many arms on this shaft is an individual clasp for holding stock to be glued so that many pieces may be done at a time


��A hammer hav- ing a re-enforced handle to reduce the shock of heavy blows. The inner metal portion has a cushioning effect

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