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���The Port of Ancient Cars

Some of the tricks to befool the innocent are simple, though effective. For instance, a well-worn tire held for a moment against a buffingwheel might get such a bright shine as to pass for new. Patent cure-alls are used for temporarily plugging leaky radiators

��You can't tell whether he's been in a smashup and sprung the frame and wrenched the car. You can't tell whether or not there's a crack in the frame, puttied up and painted over. You can't tell the condition of the thou- sands of parts with- out having the car taken down and over- hauled; and no- body's going to pay for this on a chance of a sale. If you do know the owner and his habits and so the history of the car, the tale is again dif- ferent, but trust not in the yarns of the would-be seller of the motor car — even though he be usually a truthful man.

The spare tire, neatly strapped on behind the tonneau, is an attractive addi- tion on the used-car, but before listing it as one of the desir- able points, take it off and look it over.

��You may find, out ot sight to cursory inspec- tion, a nice worn-out spot, or a gash six inches long.

Heavy oil and ground cork are wonderful, quieting drinks to noisy and worn and loose gears, but, unhappily, they don't occupy a high place in automo- bile mechanics.

The starting and light- ing system of a car is another trap for the un- wary. Some of the earlier systems were beautiful examples of electric abortions. Even up-to-date systems have eaten-out plates, which usually require a new battery at the purely "nominal," price of say $25. Unless the buyer is in the hands of a reputable dealer, he has his choice of the two alternatives in this case — to stick a gun to the head of the seller and wring the un- biased truth from him or to take the car to the agency for the system and get their

���A Body and Chassis of About 1011 With a New Rear Axle Housing

The Ford is a good car to buy second hand, for the simple reason that the latest im- provement made by the manufacturers can be easily installed on any old Ford. Of no other car is this true. But buy from a reputable agency that values the reputation of the car. The buyers who suffer in second-hand deals are those on the hunt for unfortu- nates whom Fate has robbed t and forced to " sacrifice " at a ridiculous price

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