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The National Champion on the Flying Rings

���This figure, the one- arm back lever, is easy for James Gleason, the national champion on the flying rings. But you'd better not try it until you've practiced

��Below: Here we have the one arm hand stand. Both rings are used and the weight is thrown on the arm that grasps the rings

��� ��The front rest. Both arms are used and the body is raised and held perfectly rigid

���The two-arm front lever. The weight is borne on one ring with both arms. The trick lies in balancing the body with the arms at the angle shown here

��Below: Gleason is looking pleased, prob- ably because he knows he can do the back lever so much better than the rest of us can

��This is a graceful pose, but difficult. Gleason is supporting his weight on his spread arms. This is harder to do than the straight hand stand


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