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Without Actually Working— Take Your Choice

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��Negro divers of the West Indies. Throw fifty cents into the water and they will dive down and get it out of the glistening sand into which it falls, swim- ming clear under the ship and coming up on the other side to inveigle you into throwing another

��Steeple jacks will tell you that they don't take chances; they let the other fellows do that. Here one is disentangling a flag twenty -one stories- above the street. Be- cause their work in- volves such danger their pay is high

���In Caraccas they sell lot- tery tickets like postage stamps. Once in a while somebody is allowed to win

��John B. Riley, of Lancaster, Pa., playing on two instruments at the same time. He is 75 years old and makes a good living


��The portable oven vendor of the east side, New York, who can sell you a hot meal for a few cents

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