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���on each floor. They are so fitted that they are airtight and prevent the escape of odors and infections while the chute is in

��The glass-lined, stfiel laundry chute for use in hospitals and hotels. At right is shown the ventilator at the top, the plateglass-covered openings on each floor, and the cellar exit

��Sending the Wash to the Laundry Through a Glass-Lined Chute

ANEW type of laundry chute has been designed for the use of hospitals, hotels and other institutions where large quantities of soiled linen are handled. It is constructed of steel with a f used-in lining of glass enamel. This lining is particularly de- sirable because it is rust proof and will not absorb substances or odors.

The chute is supplied with a flushing ring at the top so it may be thoroughly and easily cleansed by a

���A Machine that Moistens the Indoor Air


��shower of hot water. An outlet through the roof permits ven- tilation. The chute may be aired by- opening the bottom door which allows a strong draft to blow through it and out through the ventila- tor.

Plate glass and nickel doors open out

��Perforated cover-,

��|NE of the greatest objec- tions to artificial heat is the fact that it tends to make the atmosphere very dry. A certain amount of moisture is necessary to maintain health- ful living conditions. When the atmosphere is sufficiently moist a temperature of 65 de- grees is more comfortable than one of 70 degrees, and at night, when the heat is off, the house will not become as cold as it will when the air is dry. A device has been perfected which will keep the house air moist. This is a receptacle which holds and evaporates water in such a manner that the moisture will be diffused into the air without condensing.

The apparatus measures about 20 inches in length and in height. It will evaporate three and one-half gallons of water during a day and an evening. This quantity of water maintains a humidity of 45 per cent in an ordinary residence.

The device may be connected with the water pipes and heating pipes of a house. The water supply is automatically regu- lated and the water is heated by the heating system. The apparatus may be used with steam heat, hot water or hot air.

The heating and water supply pipes are provided with valves so the moisture may be turned off

��nine inches

��-Automatic ball float

-Water feed pipe SJ5^v^^-0ver flow

���Steam ctucis

��A machine that keeps the air in the house as moist in winter as the outdoor air in summer

��at will. If the air is sufficiently humid so that it is not nec- essary to supply it with moisture, the machine maybe used as a small radiator. This is accomplished by turning off the water supply valve. It will then give off heat without releas- ing moisture.

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