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��The Full Dinner Pail.

It's Built Like a Fireless


A THERMOS bottle will keep your coffee hot, so why not the thermos pail to keep your entire dinner at the proper temperature, whether cold or hot? By- ron Bruegger, of Wisconsin, thinks such a pail will be in so great a demand that he has taken out a patent on a design for one.

The bottom of an ordinary lunch pail has an extra wall in it, around the outside of which the air has been ex- hausted. In preparing for the day's p icnic, the desserts, the butter and the other victuals that are to be kept cold are placed in the very lowest chamber. A rather shallow chamber from which the air has been practically removed is provided on top of this cold chamber, and into this "vacuum" chamber the meats, vegetables and the other hot dishes are placed. Over this chamber is a layer of asbestos. Then comes another hot food chamber. We have, there- fore, a poor heat-conducting medium surrounding the hot and the cold chamber and separating the one from the other. Little heat can pass either in or out of the cham- bers and the cold dishes will stay cold and the hot ones will keep hot for a reasonable length of time.

Other dishes that are to remain at ordinary temperatures occupy the remainder of the pail. A neck is even provided on the cover of this pail to provide a place for a drinking cup. With such an arrangement an entire family on an outing could be sup- plied with a dinner com- plete from soup to ice cream and everything at the most desirable temperature.

���Asbestos laye

��The turntable is 14 feet in diameter. The motor operating it is mounted in a pit at the edge of the turntable pit

��Electrically Operated Turntables for Automobiles

A TURNTABLE that is operated by an electric motor, by means of a push button, is very valuable where the confines of the yard are so narrow that an auto- mobile cannot be backed out without risk of sidewiping the house or fence. The motor is controlled by means of a push-button hanging down from an arm so that it is within the reach of the driver of a car when it is driven on to the turntable. The table is supported by wheels with roller bearings traveling on an iron track, within a pit. This iron track is placed out near the edge of the turntable. This arrange- ment keeps the turntable from tipping when a car is driven on or off of it. The motor is connected with a sprocket wheel by means of worm drive. A sprocket chain driven by this sprocket wheel extends around an an- gle-iron ring which is se- cured to the underside of the table near the per- iphery. This wcrm drive keeps the turn- table from skidding.

The advantages of such a device in a small private garage and even in public garages where space is usually at a premium, are numerous and obvious.

���Normal temperature hambers

��Vacuum chamber false bottom

��Separating wall Vacuum chamber Cold food chamber* -

��Vacuum chamber

��Everything from hot soup to ice cream can be put into this picnic dinner pail

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