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An Accommodating Gas Stove. It Boils the Coffee and Then Wakes You

A GAS stove which arises at dawn, boils the coffee and wakes you up when it is ready, has been invented by Gemaro Rosa, of Brooklyn, New York.

In order to describe the workings of this accommodating stove it would be necessary to use at least fifteen diagrams and seven- teen pages of this magazine crammed with text.

For our busy readers we have boiled Gem- aro's invention down to its essentials. It is an ordinary gas stove having a pilot-light to which is attached a clock mechanism. A dial over the clock- works serves to tell the time. A smaller dial is used to set the alarm, igniting and ex- tinguishing devices.

When properly set, the burner under the coffee pot will automatically ignite at a pre-determined hour and boil the coffee for four or five minutes. The flame will then lower of its own accord for slow boiling for another five minutes, after which it will shut itself off entirely. The coffee is now ready for you and if you are not aware of it the trusty alarm will notify you of the fact.

There is no possibility of the coffee boiling over unless you disregard the alarm and go to sleep again.

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���An Electric Wire in the Street Ignites a Balloon

PECULIAR accident occurred re- cently when six students training for aviation work attempted to land a balloon in East St. Louis. The gas-bag came into contact with a high tension wire and im- mediately burst into flames. Luckily the basket was brushing the ground at the time. All the students were able to leap out of the basket unharmed. Prompt action in put- ting in a fire alarm brought fire fighters in time to preventthe bas- ket from being burned.

��The burner under the coffee pot will light automatically at a pre-determined hour

��The American Boy's

Wagon. It Is Equal

to Any Emergency

THE ordinary American boy makes strong demands on his wagon. The one shown in the illustration is equal to any emergency. It can be a common freight carrier when necessary, or a passenger car in which lady friends may be given a ride, occasionally. But first of all it is a coaster and scooter, with a first-class steering rod and wooden wheels which never get out of order. It is close to the ground so that when it is used merely as a scooter the posi- tion with one foot on the floor-boards and the other on the ground is not uncom- fortable.

���A strongly built combination wagon which is equal to any emergency in which a wagon, coaster or scooter can figure. Here we have three of the most important uses illustrated

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