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��After the envelopes are cut, folded and gummed they are passed over a conveyor to the packing boxes

��The electric heater which dries the glue when the weather is damp

��Using an Electric Heater to Dry the Glue on Envelopes

ENVELOPE making today is an excep- tionally rapid process in which a single machine neatly cuts the paper stock, folds and glues the envelopes, and then carries these on a conveyor to the boxes waiting for them. In dry weather this process goes on uninterruptedly; the glue dries in the time it takes the machine to fold the envelope flaps back. In rainy weather, however, the process does not go on so smoothly. The glue does not dry quickly enough a nd hun- dreds of new envelopes are com pletely sealed and therefore wasted. -

A manufacturer in Chicago, 111., places a simple electric heater under the conveyors of his machines. On very damp days a heavy current is sent through the resis- tances of the heater, and the hot air currents set up quickly dry the glue. The strength of the current de- pends upon the dampness.

��Popular Science Monthly

How to Store Flour to Prevent It from Molding

SPECIALISTS in the United States Department of Agriculture have studied the best means of storing flour in the home so that it will not be con- taminated by odors or become musty. Flour should never be stored in the cellar even though a bin has been built in the cellar for that purpose. A cellar is usually damp and odors are generally found there which the flour will absorb. The attic is as bad a place to store flour as the cellar. In the summer the temperature of the attic is too high and as the venti- lation is usually poor the flour is likely to acquire a musty odor. Ex- cept in very small quantitiesflourshould not be stored in the pantry or kitchen be- cause the tempera- ture is too uneven and there are too many odors which the flour is likely to ac- quire. Every house should possess a small, well ventilated store room where non- odorous food should be kept. The temper- ature in this room should be so regulated that it will not fluctuate more than a very few degrees. Always clean the flour con- tainer before putting in new stock. If flour is kept in the barrel in which it was purchased, boards should be placed under it to keep it off the floor.

����The combination necktie presser and case. It is like a four-leaved book

��One of the Newest Wrinkles for Keep- ing Your Neckties Smooth

YES, they get wrinkled in a drawer, ' or even when hung' on , a cord strung from the chiffonier to the electric light. But here's a solution. A Florida inven- tor now is market- ing a combined case and presser for men's ties that is proving satisfactory. The device consists simply of several leaves, between which the ties are placed. A locking mechanism givejs any degree of pressing ten- sion desired.

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