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Touring the Country in a House-Mobile

How a Ford touring car was transformed into an attractive living apartment

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��IN May, 1916, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Robins started from San Francisco, California, in a house-motor- truck, and they have been on the road ever since, stopping a few days here and a few days there.

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��From coast to coast and from Canada to the Gulf they will travel in their house-mobile

��The quarters are small but not cramped. The tables and chairs and other furniture pieces fold up and are stored away when not in use

They followed the Old National Trail to Chicago and the Lincoln Highway to New York where they are now taking a rest.

The house-mobile was originally a Ford Touring car with truck attachment and is geared to 15 miles an hour. It weighs 5000 pounds. The interior has been covered with wall board. The driving seat makes up into a bed; a ,-, .^uHh. water tank furnishes

running water; there is a tiny kitchenette, a choice of gas or electric lights, a long case of books, a writing table and a victrola with many records, a folding table and chairs.

As the weather grows colder, Mr. and Mrs. Robins are going on to Florida.


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