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��Making a Window Seat Out of the Radiator

THE ordinary steam radia- tor is concededly ugly. That is why a Chicago in- ventor has patented the radi- ator cover shown in the ac- companying illustration. It is intended to convert the radiator into a window seat, while preserving its general lines and increasing its orna- mental properties.

The cover is made of heavy sheet metal, fastened to the radiator at intervals to pre- vent slipping or rattling noises. Its special feature is a trough for holding water to supply moisture to the air. This trough is carried at the back of the radiator and under the cover, so that the water is hidden from view and kept free from dust and from danger of being upset.

Perhaps the best service which the cover performs is to deflect the heated moistened air to the floor, so that the floor is warmed somewhat before the air rises, as it naturally will. The cover is made in adjustable sections.

���Details of the device for cover- ing the radiator. It has a concealed water - trough for supplying moisture to the air

��Water com- /Radiator tpartment /cover

���In summer, when there is no heat in the radia- tor, it still does duty as an ornamental shelf

��The diving board, which is the principal attraction of this pool, is simply a board one foot wide, supported on horses

Making the Swimming Pool Attrac- tive as Well as Efficient

IT is not enough that the ocean should be brought indoors for the benefit of the patrons of a swimming pool. The trend of the times is to make that particular bit of ocean or clear water as attractive for its setting as for the benefits and pleasure derived from the swim- ming. The accompanying photo- graph shows a swimming pool de luxe. It has tiled paths surround- ing it and latticed effects on the walls, where flowers and vines are used as decorations. Palms and growing plants are used in every available spot to add to the out- door impression.

But while the appeal of the

beautiful in the decorative scheme

is insistent, that of the diving

board shown in the foreground is most


��Showing House Numbers on Street Signs at Corners

A new type of street sign has appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio, which shows the number of the corner house as well as the name or number of the avenue and street.

The idea of putting the number of the corner house on the street sign is a happy one, for by looking for the number of the house on the corner, a person need never go more than one block beyond his destination.

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