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Popular Science Monthly Artificial Respiration for Saving New Born Babies


��A DEVICE that is effective in saving the life of new born infants who do not breathe properly, or fail to start breathing at all, is a special lung- motor with a ca- pacity and an op- erating mechan- ism suited to the needs of the patients.

A mask pad fits closely over the face, while the operating mechanism is clamped to a table so as to be operated by one hand. The air goes into the lungs of the child at a very slight pressure. Fresh air enters by one passage and the expired air leaves by another so that they cannot mix. The lungmotor can be set at any one of three different capacities for different sized babies.

���The lungmotor for the smallest human patients. Air enters by one passage and passes out through another

��likely to be attracted by the little tassel that depends from your button.. He takes hold of this in a friendly spirit and is much astonished to see a ribbon roll out on which are printed the words,' 'I belong

to No. , where are you from, Bill?"

At the same time a little bell rings merrily. If the wearer of the badge is an Elk, the bell rings eleven times. This mystifying performance as- tonishes the friendly stranger. The communi- cative badge is a very simple de- vice. The bell- ringing mechan- ism and the winding spring are merely a little set of watch pin- ions with a ratchet and a bell. These fit into the space on the underside of the button. The ribbon is wound up on a tiny drum, as indicated in the illustration below.

��A Badge Which Tells the Story of A Parsec— the Greatest Known Unit Your Life of Measurement

IF you are thinking of attending one of \ "PARSEC" is a distance that the those conventions where every other A most zealous pedestrian would hardly man you meet is likely to be a brother care to walk before breakfast. In fact it Elk or Moose, get yourself one of the new explanatory badges. A California man once went to such a convention and got so tired telling others where he came from that he went home and invented the new badge, which tells the whole tale.

This badge looks like any ordinary celluloid button but it does not behave like one. When the curious stranger comes up to interrogate you, his attention is

���The bell-ringing and rib- bon-winding mechanism are merely a set of watch pinions •with ratchet and bell, concealed beneath the moose-head button

��doesn't enter into the sphere of hu- man operations at all, but it is a handy unit in as- tronomy. It is equal to 20,000,000,000,- 000 miles and is the distance trav- eled by light in 3.3 years. A few of the nearest stars are from one to five parsecs distant from us, but most of the stars that dot the sky are scores or hundreds of parsecs away.

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