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���Inserted between the front axle of an automobile and the frame of the car, the two springs are carried between narrow plates

Two vertical pins extend through concentric holes in the two center plates so that the springs cannot be jolted out of place

��Cushion, spring

���and then I will send for a new spring. It will cost me two or three dollars to be towed home. Go ahead and weld it for me." And so Scott would sadly weld the spring and charge one dollar and the driver would go away satisfied.

For all that, he did not dismiss the sub- ject from his mind. Finally he hit upoa the idea which we illustrate.

Inserted between the front axle of an automobile and the frame of the car, the two coil springs are each carried between two narrow plates. The upper plate of the top spring bears against the under side of the frame and the lower one against the top plate of the lower spring while the bottom plate of the latter bears against the top of the main car spring. Each set of plates has two vertical pins which extend through con- centric holes in the two center plates as shown, so that the springs cannot jump out of place as they take up the bound and re- bound of the car spring.

If you have Scott's de- vice in your toolbox' and a spring should break, you can make your own re- pair on the spot. You will not require the ser- vices of a blacksmith or someone to tow you home. You continue your trip just as if nothing had happened.

��Car frame

��Front spring

��A New Way of Cushioning the Front Spring Action of an Automobile

WALTER F."A. SCOTT of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is a blacksmith who

��How Did One Egg Get Inside of the Other?

TWO eggs in one alongside, are not uncommon and are known as double

��has seen many a broken down automobile in his time. Often a driver would bring his car to him and point sadly to the broken leaves of a spring which he had at- tempted to repair temporarily with a block of wood.

Scott knew that after a spring is welded, it is not to be depended upon. He would offer to make a satisfactory job but invariably he would be met with the reply: "I Only A perfect egg of good size formed in-

want to get home side of another perfectly shaped egg

��yolked. But the eggs found by Mrs. Grace

Lee Smidt of Sound Beach, Connecticut,

are out of the ordi-

���nary because the in- terior egg has a shell. Diminutive eggs are frequently laid by hens, especially in the "last of the lit- ter," as the farmer would express it, and it is evident that in this double-egg pro- duction, the process of forming a larger egg continued as if the shell had not been deposited on the smaller.

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