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��Vertical adjusting bars

��5quare driving shaft


and of the vehicle with which he collided. Side of road on which he was traveling before the accident happened and the direction he was going.

The names and addresses of bystanders who witnessed the accident should betaken.

Particulars of the manner in which the person with whom he collided eater was driving should also be as- certained.

��High-speed shaft for grinding or buffing wheels


��The motor is carried on a base plate. The crank arm slides up or down on the two vertical rods

��ordinary lighting circuit.

The base is provided with clamps for hold- ing utensils usually furnished with table- driving arm clamps so that practi- cally any utensil, no matter how awkward its construction may be, may be operated by the device.

The old saying " a child can do it " is especially applicable here.

��The Automobile Driver Must Know What to Do in Case of Accident

IN case of accident, a chauffeur or auto- mobile driver should stop and note the following facts:

The speed at which he is traveling.

The exact width of the road and the condition of its surface.

What signs he gave of his ap- proach; for instance, horn, bell, voice, etc.

If after dark, whether his lamps are burning in accordance with regulations.

The number and description of the other vehicle.

Whether the other was on the proper side of the road or not, and what light or lights were showing.

Measurements of wheel tracks from sides of road, both of his car

��How the "Ship of the Desert"

Is Anchored When the

Caravan Rests

BECAUSE of its peculiar swaying motion in walking, camel has been called the "ship of the desert." This title may also have some reference to the extreme stupidity and passivity of the animal, which submits to great loads, which it will often carry for days at a time without stopping for food or drink, with no more urging than a ship would require from the hands of its pilot.

The manner in which the drivers hobble the camels when they stop for a rest is interesting. They do not depend upon stakes driven in the deep, yielding sand, but simply double back and tie one of the forelegs of the animal, so that it can lie down or rise up but cannot move from the spot.

���The ice cream freezer may be driven either by the chuck or the crank arm

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��A caravan at rest. The camel's foreleg is tied back so that it can lie down or rise up but cannot move from the spot

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