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Santa Claus's Mechanical Toyshop

���With this spouting whale the baby can amuse himself during his bath. Pressure on the bulb causes the water to spout from the head of the whale


��This imitation au- tomobile has rock- ers instead of wheels so that it is really merely an improve- ment on the old rocking horse

��Any boy can be a motion picture director if he has this machine. It generates its own gas and uses standard film

��Hold this mono- plane as far up as you can reach and then let it go. It will fly and volplane

��Children can have a beautiful time safely at- tached to the center post of this new rocker

���The dry cell below furnishes power that swings the bird

��This airplane loops the loop and per- forms other feats

��The numbered parts of these blocks fit together to make queer-looking animals. They are instructive in several ways


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