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���t. .Kilm Serv.

This building was constructed entirely of corn. The color effects were obtained by using white, purple, yellow and red corn, many thousands of bushels being consumed in the making

��Residents of This Western Town Are Not Worrying Over Corn Shortage

JUBILANT over the bumper crops which have surpassed all previous records, the residents of Mitchell, South Dakota, have given vent to their enthusiasm by building an enormous palace in which all the intricate designs in the ornamentation, as well as the entire framework, are worked out either in grains of corn, cobs or stalks. The points of stars in the American flag de- signs are ingeniously formed from quarter-sections of sharp- pointed ears of corn.

Thousands of bush- els of corn were con- sumed in making the palace. We are won- dering if the enthusi- astic corn-growers have heard the food conser- vation appeal recently made to the nation.

���This bottle-shaped Christmas-tree stand may be weighted with either sand or water

��A New Christmas-Tree Stand That Prevents the Tree from Tipping

ANEW type of Christmas-tree stand is like a giant bottle with a broad base, into the neck of which the tree fits snugly. The bottle, or shell of the stand, is made of sheet metal or galvanized iron, and is to be filled with sand before the tree is inserted in the neck. -This gives con- siderable weight to the stand and holds the tree steady.

When the tree is taken down, it is only necessary to turn the stand up- side down in order to empty it of the sand. Water may be used instead of sand, if desired. The use of water will make the stand equally weighty and will serve to keep the tree fresh and green much longer. It is so simple that a child can adjust it.

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