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���Using Brine Baths as a Cure for Shell Shock

MANY officers and men are returning to England suffering severely from shell shock and other ailments contracted in the trenches. The peculiar nervous condition in which these men find themselves is difficult to treat. At Droitwich, England, are some remark- able natural brine , baths which have done much to re- store these un- fortunate victims of the war to their normal state.

The treatment consists of a num- ber of baths such as douche, needle and spray. Men who are able to swim are encour- aged to use the swimming baths. There are a num- ber of these. In cases of rheuma- tism and frost- bite much relief has been obtained through the use of a brine spray and massage. The attendant has a hose attached to his arm so that he can massage and spray the patients at the same time. This hose is used to spray the more delicate portions of the body. At the same time, a stronger spray from a wall-shower, shown at the back of the patient being treated in the illustration, keeps the entire body well doused. At first the brine spray is applied warm. The invig- orating effect is soon felt, however, and after a few treatments the patient is able to stand a cooler temperature. Soon he enjoys a cold spray, and before may days have passed at the baths he is able to carry on his own treatment in the swim- ming pool. Valve-

More than 22,000 cases have been treated at the Droitwich salt baths free of charge.

��A soldier suffering from shell shock being given a brine bath and massage at the same time

��Two Locomotives Supply Heat to a Manufacturing Plant

A LARGE manufacturing plantat Arling- ton, New Jersey, was cold as a refrig- erator one winter's morning and there was no immediate relief in sight. It seemed as if the three eight-hour shifts of three thou- sand employees might have to be dismissed. There was no time to install a new heating plant; besides that would have been too costly. The superintend- ent wanted just enough steam to furnish heat for a few hours.

Two Erie loco- motives were placed on a side- track, a steam line connection was made be- tween the hot water pipes and the steam dome of each engine, and the plant was heated at an expense of fifty dollars for the day, which was the cost of the engines and fuel. Valves were placed at the points shown in the drawing to enable the source of steam to be controlled. Cold water was supplied to the tenders by an underground pipe.




��. safety valve

��Steam line to factor y/jbuijding

��Safety valve Steam dome

���■ Supply valve J told water to tender ' ■ ■-

��Cold water supply to tender for Mer f eed

��How two locomotives supplied steam heat to the three thousand shivering workmen of a manufacturing plant last winter when the heating system was out of order

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