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���Trucks having six shel ves, each shelf capable of carrying seven tele- phone sets, are taken down on the elevator to the loading platform

��off at the end of several trips.

The trucks have six shelves each; seven sets are carried on each shelf. The truck is taken down on the elevator to the loading plat- form, where it is pushed into a large motor-truck capable of holding eight racks, or 336 telephone sets. At the other end of the route, the racks are removed in the reverse manner.

This method lessens the liability to damage; saves more than half of the former re-handling expense and en- ables the company to con- centrate in one place all the packing activities from a number of buildings thereby reducing packing costs and the time usually required for the work.

��Reducing Packing Costs in Handling Telephone Sets

��THE tremendous cost of dreds of thousands of yearly in the factory has been greatly reduced through the use of small wheeled trucks, each car- rying forty-two complete sets. Once a telephone set has been inspected and passed, it is not handled individually until it is taken from stock in a building several miles away.

Before the trucks were introduced, sets were handled over and over again. They passed from the testing bench to an ordinary handtruck, from that into a motor truck, from the motor truck to another handtruck at the main storehouse and lastly from that to the stock shelf. Now the sets are handled twice only. They are placed on the trucks at the start and taken

��handling hun- telephone sets

���The wooden arrowhead frame with seventeen lights was substituted for the old top of the lamp post

��Arrowhead Lamp Posts Mark the Arrowhead Trail

MANY motor routes have been opened up across the continent during the past few years. One of the most popular of these has been designated "The Arrow- head Trail," and the trail for a part of the way, — that portion which passes through San Bernardino, Cali- fornia, — has been "blazed" by lamp posts in arrowhead design.

The arrowhead lamp posts were made sim- ply by cutting off the top of the ordinary street lamp posts and substituting a wooden arrowhead, on top of which the regular elec- tric lamp was placed. The arrowhead struc- ture contains sixteen incandescent globes of a buff tint, to represent the rocks of the trail. These in conjunction with the large light at the top of the post make the trail brilliant through the streets of the city at night, ad- vertising the route.

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