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��Forty-Five Miles an Hour on This Motorcycle Sleigh

��WHILE all the automobiles and other vehicles in his neighborhood were stalled on account of the snow, Clarence H. Lydamore, of Lake Placid in the Adiron- dacks, was hard at work planning to convert his motorcycle into a powerful motor- sled. The result was that soon he was successfully riding into town on business trips, and was sleigh- ing on the lake for pleasure while the other cars were rusting in their garages.

The conver- sion was simple enough. The front wheel was removed and the sleigh runner

shown in the photograph was put in its place. A sidecar, also mounted upon a runner, was attached to the motorcycle framework. This served the double pur- pose of providing for another passenger and of preventing the new sleigh from tipping should it skid on the ice or snow.

On attaching extra heavy anti-skid chains to the driving wheel, the sled was ready for work or play. Over the roads, a speed of forty-five miles per hour has been attained on it. Over the lake, with the assistance of the wind, a party of four has almost doubled this speed.

���The motor-sled, devised and a sidecar, makes

��from a motorcycle frame forty-five miles an hour

��Hot Water in an Instant Is Promised by This Heater

THERE is a new hot-water heater on the market which comes as near to being "instantaneous" as it seems possible for a heater to be. So cleverly is it constructed that you can draw as much heated water as you want to use without any appreciable "wait" between the pailfuls that you draw. The body of the heater is placed just below your kitchen boiler. It consists of a large globe of comparatively thin iron and a large gas burner secured just below this. A two-way pipe connects the boiler

��with the globe so that the water can flow as easily from the boiler to the globe, as in the other direction. An auxiliary tap connects the bottom of the globe with a faucet. This addition is the principal im- provement which makes the neater differ- ent from others. No sooner has the water in the bottom of the globe become heated than you draw it off through the fau- cet, if you desire. You do not have to wait for the heated water to per- meate slowly up- ward to the top of the boiler, as with the ordi- nary heater. Not that you can't use this ar- rangement as an ordinary heater, too; for if you wish a whole boilerful of hot water, you simply let enough of the water which is being heated in the globe rise through the two-way pipe.

You could then tap the vater off through the faucet at your sink, or from any of the faucets connected with the piping from the boiler, instead of drawing it off by the pailful from the faucet at the bottom of the heater.

��-Cold water supply pipe

■Reservoir Connecting conduit

Recesses Spherical water heater

Gas heater Hot water faucet

In a few seconds after the gas is lighted the water in the iron globe is hot and can be drawn off

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