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��Steering Wheel. Front Sle d.

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��The two pieces of the frame of the bob-sled to which the bobs are attached on the underside and the cross-boards on the top; the two crosspieces shown are for the steering wheel post and the front bob

��each side of the lever. This construction is clearly shown in the section taken at the brake lever.

The rod that connects the brake lever to the brake is made of oak io3^ in. long, 2 in. wide and I in. thick. It is fastened to the brake box with a large heavy strap hinge and several bolts, as is shown in the brake connection detail. Connection with the lower part of the lever is made through two plates, one at each side of the con- necting rod. The plates are bolted to the rod with two bolts. A heavy bolt passes

��in the cross-pieces of the sled. Drill holes through the frame timbers and fasten with heavy screws into the sled timbers, counter- sinking the screw heads about half way down in the frame timbers.

The front or guiding sled is next set in position. Make four iron plates 4 by 6 in., as at B in the illustration. Bolt two of these plates to the top board of the sled, one plate on each side; and bolt the other two to the cross-boards of the frame. The centers of these plates should be drilled to take a heavy bolt which should be 10 in.

���Mron angles

��through the ends of these plates and the lower hole of the lever, as is indi- cated. Use washers and locknuts, and rivet over the end of the bolt. The plates on the lever and the rod are to take up the wear and strain, thus pre- venting the wood from wearing and enlarging the holes.

The rear sled is at- tached by placing the notches of the two frame timbers over the notches


���Details of the brake and the front and rear bob

��long. Place several wash- ers between the sled and frame plates and drop the bolt down through the holes. Place two washers over the ends of the bolt and place on the nut and lock nut and rivet over the end of the bolt. These plates prevent wear on the wood parts and serve to keep the sled true and easy turning.

Cut out two wood disks from oak boards 3^ in. thick and 10 in. in diam- eter and bore a i^-in.

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