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��height to which the bar is raised the standards must be moved forward 6 in. The contestant must clear the bar on the second forward swing. He may use a run or jump at any time during these swings. Taking more than two swings constitutes a trial. In other respects the rules of the pole vault govern.

High Kicking Events There are several styles of high kicking,

��With the hitch and kick the pan must be kicked with the jumping leg and the kicker must alight on the. same foot and hop twice to demonstrate that he has his balance.

In kicking informally athletes are some- times fond of doing the double backward, the single backward, the double forward jump and single kick, and the stretch kick.

In the double back kick the athlete should stand with his back touching the pan. After he jumps he should hollow the back as much as possible. In the single backward, bend forward as the foot is raised. Do not try to turn the leg tofone side or to look at the pan during the kick,

���The kicker jumps and kicks with the same foot and alights on the other foot. In the second picture the kicker must jump from both feet. Some athletes like the double back kick as in the last picture

��but the only ones that are used in indoor meets are the scissors, the double, and the "hitch and kick." If a high kick is sched- uled without specifying any particular style the contestants may use any style they wish. There is no rule as to how the kicker must alight except that he is not to be assisted. In other respects the rules of the running high jump govern.

The scissors kick is the best style of kicking. In it the kicker jumps and kicks with the same foot and alights on the other foot. The approaching run should be made like that of the running high jump and the free leg should be used in giving a strong upward impetus.

In the double kick the kicker must jump from both feet and kick the pan with both at the same time. This requires a strong forward bend of the trunk. The legs should be raised with the knees bent sharply and spread outward.

��but raise the leg directly backward. In the stretch kick the kicker must keep one foot on the floor.

Miscellaneous Events

An ordinary gymnastic climbing rope is used for the rope climbing event. A tam- bourine or bell is fastened near the rope 1 8 ft. from the floor. The start is by pistol shot, and the time is taken from the flash to the touching of the bell or tambourine. The contestant sits on the floor, with thighs flexed and legs extended in front. He must not touch the floor with any part of his person after the pistol shot. Each contestant has three trials; the time of the best one is taken. The rope must not have any assisting devices, such as knots, balls, etc.

The best way to climb is "hand-over- hand," working the legs alternately up and down with knees bent. The knee should

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